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Q: What does "FAW OCC 7N Cryo copper" stand for?

A: It is a name for our custom wire - made exclusively just for us in one of the 3 certified OCC copper factories. Few facts:

- Custom formulated clear PE insulation and highest strand count on market (60) for superior flexibility

- AWG24 for the best flexibility/durability ratio

- High purity UPOCC (99,99999% copper content)

- Treated in proprietary cryo process in Poland

- Balanced, yet dynamic and impactful sound singature

Q: OCC and OFC, what is the difference?

A: OCC (Ohno Continuous Casting) is a superor method of manufacturing audio grade cooper and silver cables. It was developed by professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan. Basically the OCC copper wire is made of cooper crystal of length exceeding 700 feet and almost free from any impurities (99,99999% purity). In comparision OFC wire crystals are about 8 feet long and purity depends on the manufacturer (from 99,99% to 99,9999%). It is not the purity which make the biggest difference, but 90 times more crystal boundaries on the path of audio signal. Not to bore you with details you can just imagine driving on smooth 5 lane highway (OCC) and compare it to bumpy dirt road (OFC) - that is basically what your audio signal is going through.

OFC vs OCC comparision

Q: Should I choose "Flat" or "3D" braid?

A: The main difference between those two is the flexibility. Flat braid is more flexible in one plane and because of low profile it is recommended for IEM cables. It also gives better results than 3D braid in LODs and other short cables where the high flexibility in just one plane is of utmost importance. 3D braid is evenly flexible in any direction which makes it suitable for longer cables such as headphone cables and interconnects.



Q: Can I return my cable if I don't like it?

A: All cables from Forza AudioWorks are custom made to order and there is no option to return them unless they are defective. Please measure 3 times your existing setup and order appropriate length. If you need any assistance we will be happy to help and give you advice on cable type and length - feel free to ask.

Q: I'm looking for a cable for X and Y, can you make such cable?

A: We are happy to make any cable you need - just let us now. It is basically impossible to have all the cables covering any usage in world of audio in one webshop. Feel free to ask and we will prapare you an individual offer especially for you.

Q: What is the warranty period?

A: Satisfaction of the customer is very important to us hence we cover our products by 2-years limited warranty (unless otherwise stated in the description). You can find terms and conditions of warranty in "Terms and conditions of use" at the bottom of mail page.



Q: What is she shipping cost?

A: For all orders shipped by UPS there is a flat rate of 19Eu (EU) or 5Eu (Poland), for UPS International (outside EU) prices vary from 39Eu to 59Eu which depends on a country.

Q: Is there any insurance? 

A: All shipments are fully insured.

Q: I'm waiting for the package more than 10 bussiness days, what should I do?

A: Email us using contact form and we will solve the issue. Note that in some countries outside EU package may be held at customs office and it can take even up to few weeks to clear it. We advice patience.



Q: How can i contact you?

A: By the contact tab on the main website or simply calling us : +48 691486789

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