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fMod Modification

fMod iPod modification for getting the best sound possible out of your iPod. Available for iPod Classic 5g (5,5g) and Nano 1/2g.

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The fact that old iPods with Wolfson DACs were offering superior audio quality is hard to contest. Another thing is that by further modifying the line out section of Wolfson DAC it is possible to push the sound quality to even higher level. That is what fMod is all about - getting rid of excessive, poor quality SMD components in the line out signal path and replacing them with audio grade ones. The results are impressive - natural, faithful sound without any coloration. Just connect your favourite amp and enjoy music as it is meant to be.

We offer two versions of fMods - CF fMod (for iPod Classic 5/5,5g) and standard fMod (for iPod Classic 5/5,5g and Nano 1/2g).


CF fMod

- 16/32GB CF storage (iPod Classic 5/5.5g)

- Build in coupling capacitors (Elna Silmic or Black Gate) inside the iPod

- Compatible with any LOD and docking station



- 30GB/80GB HDD (iPod Classic 5/5,5g) or 1/2/3/8GB Flash (iPod Nano 1/2g)

- Coupling capacitors inside LOD cable (Elna Silmic or Black Gate)

- Compatible with LODs and docking stations /w build-in coupling capacitors


Use ONLY proprietary LOD cable with capacitors for fMod. Using any other LOD cable may result in damaging your headphones. iPod is not included in price, if you are looking for one, let us now.


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